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Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt. Fix overrun in gettimeoffset. How to configure Crypto driver. Clear all pending interrupts before registering the interrupt handler. This is now used for the UARTs. This how-to describes how to configure and use the SPI user-mode device driver spi-dev.

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Use of the High resolution timers option at91saam9 default Kernel configuration: Switched to a new branch ‘linux Integration of stable kernel updates up to v4. Create free account Forgot password?


Changes based on Russell King’s comments. Remove the temperory code which not support devicetree.

Clear pending interrupts when exiting suspended state. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. Preparing the Kernel On some of our products, the driver is already activated, which are listed below: Removed ATspecific ‘command’ functions. Removed legacy PIO pin definitions.

How to use I2SC. Are there additional software packages available for the ipCore basic firmware? Move clock disabling late in the init process to give boards time to claim the clock. Card insertion used as wakeup source.


Old branch don’t use for new developments. Driver added [David Brownell] Note: Enable the internal sppi for all the TX pins.

As most peripheral chips are slaves this driver only works in master mode.

This at91zam9 “N” instructions per interrupt event. Since posting here invariably means I find the solution to my problems elsewhere, I figured I’d try another time. This single zImage initiative allow the use of the same Linux kernel binary, without having the need for recompiling it, on another SoC, by just providing the proper Device Tree Binary file.

AT91SAM9 Linux Patches

Specify explicit item order in array structures. If you want to use one of these you have to set the relevant modalias for this driver and of course activate it in your configuration.

The details of the members are explained below: That’s where I generally turn first for guidance, at least when I’m coding directly to the hardware. If you don’t want to care about this new file, there is an Linux kernel option to append the Device Tree Binary at the end of the kernel image. Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password?


So if things get broken, that’s the first place to look if you think alignment might be crucial! How to manually select PDA in U-boot.

Send STOP before reading out the last byte. Converted to new-style UART initialization.

On Mon, 30 Mar Enabling multidrive on the pullup pin linud only be done on the DK and EK boards. The Linux-arm-kernel Mailing lists is where the work is actually being done. Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt.

Converted old driver to platform driver.