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Had I read the reviews, I probably wouldn’t have bought this – but it’s now happily ticking along for now anyway Your email address will be used for personal contact reasons only, and will not be shown on this website. I am definitely enjoying your website. I bought two of these nightmare devices. Still unsuccessful at the time of writing this.

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Problem solved all working ok does exactly as i want now connects to a wireless access point and sticks it onto the ethernet port i knew it would big case of bbelkin farts rule the roost.

I want to buy a crossbow and go Belkin employee hunting. Purchase an Edimax if you want half the headache and twice the signal! F5d732 instructions, and others, were very useful.

The story ends somewhat positively, though, simply because I gave up on running a beklin wireless network and instead resorted to controlling access to my wireless network via MAC addresses. Your blog provided us with valuable information to work with. Thanks a lot for sharing. Thanks for dropping by, Fairfax.

Belkin F5D7132: The Bane of My Existence

However, I am one of the ones who spent many hours fiddling with it and finally got it to work. The Belkin Unversal Repeater is also using a stronger and larger 8dbi antenna and not the default puny antenna that it came with, which could be the reason why it connects with ease. Therefore, it may contain broken links, out-dated or misleading helkin, or information that is just plain wrong. Now though, I may sell it.


I wasn’t able to find the same list of instructions when I looked just now. Over the next few months, I’d occasionally sit down in my free time and comb the site for any information or downloads for this product, to no avail.

If you let me know where you posted those same instructions on your blog, I’ll update the link.

Belkin F5D The Bane of My Existence, Bernie Zimmermann

Posted on August 17, 7: If you want to see how crappy their products are, check out: I was able to get it working, but I’m an old hand at IT stuff. Good f5d71332 all who are having problems! For some reason, Belkin uses Been running this for several months. I’ve now lost patience with this irritating little device. Offering wide collection of leather briefcases made in Italy. Although, I figured maybe I could set it up as a wireless repeater, like it was intended, but decided against it in case I gave myself an aneurysm.

Anyone have a suggestion for a better repeater to buy?


SG :: Belkin F5D Wireless Access Point

To solve this I use a digital f5d712 that switches off for 5 minutes during the early hours of the morning. Hope this helps someone.

I thought Edimax AP’s were difficult and fiddly Bet on an outcome of events in Counter Strike: Connecting the thing to a PC is the only way to configure it correctly. Have communicating and that I will everlastingly help belkun site. Once in, I followed the prompts and menus, entered the SSID and passkey, saved the settings, and that was that.

Although, I already feel sorry for the poor sod who buys it off me. I had similar f5d1732 setting up the WURE for my neighbour with whom I share the internet connection. I couldn’t find the product listed anywhere on their site. Oh no, I just bought one of these extenders and I’m not that great of an IT.

The definitive guide on how to get the Belkin F5D up-and-running seems to be this review from Chovybut even that didn’t work for me.