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Standard cameras can be used with many software packages and avoid vendor lock-in. Footswitch software for IC Capture. Also note that there IIDC cameras are currently much better supported on various platforms; USB3Vision cameras are only starting to appear and notoriously lack open-source drivers. Note that some features may be optional. Canon SLR mount Sigma:

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The Imaging Source FireWire CCD Color Camera DFK 31BF03

Whitepapers about Cameras Industrial Cameras: Shark Eye, Desert Star: Or you can just let me know what camera you use, weather it’s in my price range or not. I know firewire is faster but I would be happy with something upto 3fps.

Of course I also welcome information from the User Side tm ; don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Hopefully I can get a camera and lens within this budget maybe even Cinecap too.

Imagingsource DFK 31bf03 FireWire Camera With Computar Lens

IC Measure – manual on-screen image measurement and image acquisition. IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab There are a few things that worry me.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and Im 31gf03 not trying to put you off, but without knowing a little about ur current system it would be foolish to advise about camera selection when some of these point may need expenditure too Board cameras USB 3. What do you think? Consulting Training Feasibility studies System architecture.


This allowed plenty of time to develop and buy the surrounding hardware, for a system that is upgrade-proof to machine vision spec. As you will no doubt have read, the option that for example, Tonewheels and I went with was a really good PAL camera.

Canon SLR mount Sigma: I don’t have the time to regularly google the web for new cameras and manufacturers so if you want your products to be up-to-date the best is to push the info to me.

Sensor SNR is 45db which I’m not sure is good or bad compared to other cams? Like dtk rolling shutter, what problems can this cause in a telecine set up?

Telecine camera and lens option – Filmshooting

It’s not a must. Sorry, started a new thread so as not to hijack this one. Our comprehensive range of cameras with USB 3. Industrial cameras USB 3.

The List Manufacturer index:. H FireWire color industrial camera.

Imaging Source DFK 31BF03 Firewire Colour Camera

Optics Lenses Board lenses Tubes and rings Filters. Telecine camera and lens option Forum covering all aspects of small gauge cinematography! Footswitch software for IC Capture.


The dynamic range is 68db, again good or bad Is your objective something at PAL resolution or are you hoping to build a system that will enable you to move into HD territory soon?

Ok, then 31hf03 a bit confused, as I thought I heard larger pixels were worse. USB2 is potentially as fast as Firewire and their claimed rate of 32 fps at dfm is about as fast as you’ll get with FW I have one with a C-Mount adapter I use on my Bolex. Dovetail for optic tables SM1 Fiber: Processor Idle State Manager.