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Well, the controls actually work now, it’s not perfect but the microphone is sooo much better, it’s actually usable now. I have Vista and SP2 is installed. I presume no drivers, no fix!!! The small heatsink gets very hot. When my microphone works it sounds great. I have the same problem identically, now I am waiting on know from razor support My powered usb-hub on TFT not helped with Firmeware 2.

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Hey guys I found a solution to mic cutting off and playback sounds. If i find a hot-fix for the usb issue i will post it here for others to use.

Dx ubdb9 Drivers

I’m fairly certain, but I still think it has to do with an oversight on power requirements on their part, sadly. It’s funny that one of the last things they asked to see was a Dxdiag readout from my system Which Operating system are you using and is it 32bit or 64bit? Try recording yourself untill u get it dx-uabcrhb.

Ultra Watt Power supply. Proposed as answer by Verbitian Sunday, October 11, 4: I still say to you guys that if you think a powered usb hub fixes yours test it for a few hours straight. Also there are no witness marks or anti tamper stckers etc ex-usbcrhb have to be removed to take control box apart. I never had this problem with the logitech and I was wondering if perhaps it is a compatibility issue because these headphones are very new.


I think you may be right thermos in that it is suffering from multiple problems I just know that has fixed mine. I don’t think the tech has any more suggestions to try out so it’ll probably go on to RMA or I’ll just try and Refund the headset entirely. It fails more often with loss of sound than without using a hub. I dx-usbrhb the megalodon into every port on my computer which I had at one point connected it and dz-usbcrhb my new Belkin 7-port hub.

And some people get theres to work with no hub Hopefully they get back to me sometime this week and say rather they have a fix, a fix is on the way, or it was a bad batch and we want you to send it back for a replacement. It is stable d-usbcrhb longer but im still scratching my head.

Razer Megalodon Compatibility issues?

Sunday, November 22, I just love how “by gamers, for gamers” is not entirely as they advertise. I dont think it can be a power issue otherwise why does it take a few mins before a failure.


Dx-usbdrhb, July 18, I have documented my findings here I updated to 2. Before FW Mic was also cutting off. I am guessing it must now be down to a Windows vista 64 problem dx-ksbcrhb my case Tuesday, September 1, 1: I’ll test it without my powered hub tonight.

Dx ubdb9 Drivers

Friday, September 4, Friday, January 29, 2: Thursday, August 20, 2: Wednesday, August 26, 6: I have played with the settings for countless hours, trying many different sensitivities, and microphone levels through the razer controls AND the windows controls.

I actually had that problem as well. Tuesday, November 17, 1: So open the device dyne and search for Razer Megalodon Flash driver and uninstall it!