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I am perfectly happy with logi. Or you can try to flick the mouse on a precise spot on the map and adjust your sens so that you hit the spot every time. Added LX keyboard thanks to Geir Smestad for testing 3. No telling if they’re available in time 8th Sept. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. For me it’s a toss up between the mx, copperhead and the G5. I agree with you that it’s a very valid question, however you have to love those anonymous trolls.

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Maby I will buy it when prizes go down. Added diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks 4. That’s dots per millimeter. It’s also that you have more chances of hitting a specific pixel when you have more detailed input.

My mx518/ Razer diamondback comparison

Placed all the uberOptions packs together in a self-installer. On behalf of my cat I would like to thank the razer team who has provided a product which has fulfilled my pets needs On a serious note I will be buying the copperhead.

Only thing you need to also do, is remove the swap the chips out of the top of the cases the ones for the side thumb buttons and the sensitivity buttons on the mx, and for the fast scoll on mxthey’re only being held in by two small screws and its basically painless. Will I feel the difference of the Copperhead compared to the MX?


The new “office mice” shape might be nice, too a combination of MX and old Pilot but with inward curves at the sides. I got the feeling they were trying to clear out stock.

Final Conclusion Great mouse overall. I got mine from Speed-Link free. Homepage URL changed 4. Hey I dont care about dpi either smartass.

The difference can be felt and seen on how sensitive the mouse movement is. I know this might be a silly question, but is there any advantages to having a mx tuned to dpi vs just using the mx But you must be using a pretty high sens to not be bothered by ms3. AS a direct result of that Logitech hasve just lost a customer and razer have gained one as I really do need the extra buttons and that was a primary one for me. The only bad point of the MX is that it’s quite ugly.

Why do Razer people write “Powered by razer precision” when its Agilent precision Create setpoinnt or Sign in. Added LX keyboard thanks to Geir Smestad for testing 3.

My mx/ Razer diamondback comparison | Page 2 | [H]ard|Forum

Jul 19, I have big hands so i like big mice and the MX fits my hand nicely Logitech might have better software,their SetPoint was very good I thought,but we havent seen software for new mice yet from either companies. Setpoijt notice that the numbers fluctuate alot but keep within an average of when moving very fast. Number one is the single side button no big deal some might thinkand the other is the ‘stiff wheel’.


I started up Counter-Strike Source and joined my fav local server. You wouldn’t happen to know if the DPI is hardware based, or software based You are thinking setpoimt it the wrong way.

Renamed functions to group them. To keep the mouse from going unwieldy, you’d have to lower the sensitivity, but then a single dot would not translate to a pixel shift in the viewpoint, and you’d get oversampling. Takes some time setpoibt get used to tho, hard to find the right sens: This is very good for gamers as well: I think this is the case only for pre-Windows XP.

No, create an account now. If you play in x with fov 90degrees then you will loose precision pixels that you can’t hit if your sens is more than degree turn in less than 10cm of physical movement with DPI.